USA Carry Decal Installation

There are three parts to a USA Carry Decal:

  • Transfer Tape
  • Vinyl Decal
  • Paper Backing
Three Parts

Three Parts

1. Clean and dry the surface where decal will be applied.

2. Using a squeegee or hard edge (credit card, etc), run it over the front of the decal and then the back.

3. Keeping the decal face down, slowly peel off the decal backing. You want the decal to stick to the front layer.

Note: If you notice a piece that sticks to the paper backing, run your hard edge over it again and continue to peel.

4. Once the backing is removed, place the decal where you want to apply it.

Place the Decal

Place the Decal

5. Run the hard edge over it once again.

Press Again

Press Again

6. Remove the front layer.

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