USA Carry Gun Belts

When it comes to carrying a handgun, knife sheath, or a radio, a high quality belt makes a huge difference. All of our belts are handcrafted one belt at a time right here in the USA. We use two pieces of top grain leather which are glued and stitched together using nylon thread to provide the strength for a very stable platform. The finished belts are approximately one-quarter inch thick. With our belts being custom made one belt at a time, you can choose your exact specifications. You provide us with your actual belt size required, choose between black or brown leather, choose a roller buckle or a square buckle, choose either smooth leather or an embossed pattern. When it comes to having a belt that is built for a purpose and will exceed your expectations, a USA Carry gun belt is for you. USA Carry gun belts are not your typical off-the-shelf-belts.

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